15 Balcony Decoration Idea for DLF City Floors Phase 3

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4 min readFeb 12, 2024

Balconies are one of the most important places in a home. This is a significant space where the family members create memories by playing carom, enjoying rain, relaxing, and chatting. Sometimes you love to read a book in the cozy corner of your balcony. Decking up this special part of your home uplifts your lifestyle. You can decorate it according to your taste and liking.

The best thing about DLF City Floors Phase 3 is that it has a spacious balcony where you can make an attractive and cozy seating arrangement. Traditionally, balconies were the extensions of the first floor of the home, and people used to spread clothes on the cloth line. Now, it is a place that makes your home livelier. Let’s take a look at the balcony decoration idea for DLF City Floors Phase 3

  • Floral Aesthetics

Flowers are the most basic and simplest form of decorating balconies. If not the exotic flowers, you can plant some seasonal and local flowers to add colors and vibrance to your balcony. Flowers also add fragrance and unique flower pots add to the beauty of the balcony.

  • Cosy Décor

You can transform your balcony into a cozy heaven by adding comfortable seating to it. You can place a coffee table or other comfortable garden furniture on the balcony to sit and enjoy.

  • Minimalist Theme

You can create a serene and calming ambiance on the balcony with a minimalist theme. By keeping everything to a minimum you get more space. Keep some flower pots and other decorative item only.

  • Artificial Grass

You can adorn the floor of your balcony with artificial grass to get the look of the garden. The balconies in DLF City Floors Phase 3 are more adaptable to this because these are large and have more space to bring your imagination into reality.

  • Recessed Light

You can pick recessed lights to make it more attractive. You can give a unique look to the evening gatherings. Lights in different patterns and designs create a warm ambiance on the balcony of DLF City Floors Phase 3.

  • Floor Ideas

You can use wooden planks, outdoor tiles, and painted concrete floors to create a stylish look. The balconies in DLF City Floors Phase 3 have beautiful anti-skid tiles that make your balcony beautiful. Still, you can customize your balcony with the flooring of your choice.

  • Splash Colors

The seating in splash colors can create a fun-filled and playful atmosphere on your balcony. Add colors like orange, blue, yellow, and red.

  • Herb Garden

You can turn your balcony into an herb garden by planting different kinds of herbs. You can plant Tulsi, Basil, Aloe vera, rosemary, lemongrass, etc. Along with giving you good health, the balcony in DLF City Floors Phase 3 will also look amazing.

  • Swing Benches

Adding swing benches or common swings to your balcony makes it more appealing. You can buy swings in different sizes and designs on your balcony. When it comes to DLF City Floors Phase 3, size is no problem because the balconies offer more space.

  • Glass Railings

Glass railings on the balcony give it a sophisticated and exotic touch. You can choose from a wide range of glasses like Scandinavian, frosted, and stained glass. If you don’t want your balcony to be transparent, you can choose an opaque glass.

  • Bohemian Inspired Balcony

The bohemian-inspired balcony gives a natural and inviting look to the balcony. You add to its beauty by decorating it with natural materials and dream catchers. Your balcony in DLF City Floors Phase 3 will also match the objective of DLF to enhance sustainability.

  • Aesthetic Furniture

You can add aesthetic furniture to the balcony as a wide range of balcony furniture in different themes and colors is available in the market.

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Decorate your balcony in DLF City Floors Phase 3 using all these tips and create a space that strengthens the bonds among the family members and uplifts your lifestyle.



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