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4 min readFeb 12, 2024

Through the arrival of DLF on the real estate scene, people are finally relieved. With an outstanding record of major developments in Gurgaon, DLF has been a force to be reckoned with while being the most innovative in the construction, style, and tone of commercial and residential spaces. With the dynamics of real estate changing in favor of DLF, it has launched multiple projects that satiate the demands a mass of people has placed on the market.

One such project is DLF Garden City Floors.

Welcome to the Picturesque DLF Garden City Floors

With DLF Garden City Floors, developed and constructed by DLF Utilities a subsidiary of the developers, it has brought the focus back to sustainable living. With extensive green spaces and surplus shrub installation, it has also encouraged eco-friendly ways to live your best life. DLF Garden City Floors exhibit independent floor plans with limited edition floors located in sectors 91, 92, and 93 in the heart of the city, Gurgaon, also called the Millennium City. Neighboring more than 1000 acres of widespread greens, the project starts its price from 1.25 Crores with exciting offers and bonuses with hefty benefits.

Location and Connectivity

DLF Garden City Floors is located at a very strategic location that is in close proximity to numerous major business centers, educational institutions, corporate hubs, advanced healthcare facilities, and other places of utmost importance.

The intricately planned DLF Garden City Floors connect you to the major transition places such as Sohna and Manesar with ease. The established development is located just by the National Highway 48 and shares the convenience of travel with SPR, KMP, and NPR Expressways.

Potential of Appreciation

With the real estate shifting in favor of DLF, the lavish project, DLF Garden City Floors shows great potential. The criteria for appreciation quality is judged on the basis of the fulfillment of the demands of the people. DLF Garden City Floors is the mirror image of what people have entered in their demands.

Housing Options

The luxury project, DLF Garden City Floors has segregated itself into groups of blocks. With every block different in multiple ways, each fulfills your demands in a unique way. With a general trend of 4 BHK apartments that include servant quarters and a study, the designs and floor plans are different to offer exclusivity and privacy.

  • The blocks, G7C and G17 have housing units all accommodating the area of 400 square yards with a different view that is still breathless, nonetheless.
  • Block A is an intricately planned housing block that involves multiple options for 4 BHK apartments that are different in room construction and design. To know more, you can also request a proper floor plan for each block and get the best solution to your housing demands.
  • Blocks, A16 and E3 are designed the same way but differ in the picturesque view. The apartments face the extensive spread of parks while giving you the exact balance of amenities and exclusive facilities.
  • For small nuclear families, DLF Garden City Floors has issued a brand new housing option. The subtle and meticulously crafted 3 BHK housing has a servant quarter and all the amenities you would ever want in your home-sweet-home. Located in the Enclave Block, it enjoys a central location at the project site.


DLF Garden City Floors has issued new ways to upgrade your living and set you on a comfortable journey of luxury where you can see your dream lifestyle come to reality. The property has been segregated into blocks for a more diverse selection. You can choose what kind of property you want just by going through the types on the official webpage. The intricately planned and well-executed DLF Garden City Floors has an intensely positive influence on the real estate market.

With DLF Garden City Floors, developed and constructed by DLF Utilities a subsidiary of the developers, it has brought the focus back to sustainable living.



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